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Anonymous SENT: Omg you've got some twisted views.. Black people have never been treated better

I don’t have a twisted view, but it’s just different where I live.
In the US I would say they are not treated better at all.

Anonymous SENT: Can. They can be racist - to middle eastern people, Asian people etc etc but you can't be racist toward a white person

Oh wow.

Well, I disagree with you.
I think you can be racist towards someone who is white, but I don’t think that happens often in the US.
Everyone can be a racist ffs.

Anonymous SENT: I totally agree with anyone one can be racist comment, but the whole white people being rich and not having any real difficulties in life is just bullshit (I know there not your words) people need to stop having a huge hang up on the past! We should be with the times now! no one cares where your from and what your skin colour is anymore, :) I just thought I would share my point x

I know in the US black people do experience more racism, so I do understand their point of view on it. But I grew up seeing that if you were dark skinned you could literally get free money, a place to live for free and way more help. You wouldn’t even need a job or learn the language here. My father needed help, he didn’t have a job even though he went out looking for one every day. He didn’t get any help at all, however his neighbors who were dark skinned got help right away even though they had a job,no kids and they spent most of their time partying. I got so many stories like this, I wouldn’t call that racism but where I live they are treated better by our country than we are treated. 

Anonymous SENT: Black people can be racist - but white people just can experience racism or be victims of it

Wait what

not sure if you meant to type can’t or can 

Anonymous SENT: Why so tired of black people can't be racist?

I’ve explained this several times but basically everyone can be a racist.
Yes, black people have experienced way more racism but that does not mean anyone who is dark skinned can’t be racist or can’t come with racial slurs.

I’ve seen so many people saying white people have it easy because we’re ALL so rich, we ALL have it so perfect and have never experienced anything difficult at all. For me it doesn’t matter what fucking colour your skin is, you can still be a racist.